Finance can arrange vendor financing for importers. We can arrange to pay your supplier 100% value for your imports. Your regular supplier should be happy to have this system of payment as the supplier will be paid 100% of the material value without any deduction, delays, complications, discrepancies. We do not need to know much about your supplier. This facility is provided mainly for imports from other countries


We can also arrange funding can be through various instruments such as secured/ unsecured Non - Convertible Debentures, Convertible Bonds/Debentures (optional/compulsory), Preference Shares (Convertible or Redeemable) or through Equity. This can be for various business purposes like acquisition finance, pre-IPO funding, restructuring, expansion and so on which require tailor-made solutions.

International Trade Line

Equity, Merger and Requisition

AD’s Capital Private Equity business identifies, funds, nurtures and profitably exits companies, with significant growth potential. Our team looks to create value in these companies, beyond its role as a financial investor, by supporting them in areas like strategy, business development, manufacturing, marketing, technology, treasury and facilitating overall improvement and growth of the company’s operations. To enable this, the team leverages the vast business management experience of the ad’s across different sectors of the economy.

Our Infrastructure Finance business caters to the specialized needs of the infrastructure sector. With an array of attractive finance options to suit the varying needs of its customers, both large and small and backed by a reputation of reliability and trust, it brings a promise of quality and world class service. Our range of offerings includes Equipment Finance, Project Finance, Equipment Rentals, Working Capital Loans, Bill Discounting/ Factoring, Refinance, Top up Loans and Loan Syndication.