This facility is offered to promoters against their shareholding in their respective company. It enables you, as a promoter of the company, to increase your shareholding or expand and diversify into other areas of business. With specialized value additions such as speed of transaction led by disciplined TAT-driven processes and strong Chinese walls, you can be assured of quality service and utmost confidentiality.

Promoter funding is offered to promoters of the companies against their shareholding in their respective company. With the help of this facility the promoter can increase the shareholding or use in expansion and diversification of the business.


  • Loan available against existing promoter holding
  • Margin – 50% - 75% (depending on the risk profile of the business and the stock)
  • Tenor – 1 to 3 years
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Simple Documentation


  • Increase promoters holding in the business with the use of existing stake
  • Liquidity requirement for expansion and diversification of business
  • Easier and faster processing
  • Promoters do not have to liquidate their holdings to meet short-term cash requirements
  • Promoter can increase their stake through buying at lower price.


A type of debenture in which the whole value of the debenture must be converted into equity by a specified time. The compulsory convertible debentures ratio of conversion is decided by the issuer when the debenture is issued. Upon conversion, the investors become shareholders of the company.

The main difference between convertible debentures and other convertible securities is that owners of the debentures must convert their debentures into equity, whereas in other types of convertible securities, the owner of the debenture has an option.

In some CCDs (usually considered equity), the structure makes them more like debt. Often, the investor has a put option which requires the issuing companies to buy back shares at a fixed price. Call option to the issuer is also available.

Structure Finance

We arrange funding through various instruments such as secured/ unsecured Non - Convertible Debentures, Convertible Bonds/Debentures (optional/compulsory), Preference Shares (Convertible or Redeemable) or through Equity. This can be for various business purposes like acquisition finance, pre-IPO funding, restructuring, expansion and so on which require tailor-made solutions.